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Catching Fish From Piers And Jetties With Capt. Geoff Page

Capt. Geoff PageSeptember is a great time to head out to one of the local fishing piers in the Central West Region. Snook season will have reopened, and a lot of other species will also be roaming the piers because it’s the time of the year where there’s a lot of baitfish along the shorelines.

Catching Bonefish In The Southeast Region With Capt. Jimbo Thomas

Capt. Jimbo ThomasSeptember can be a tough time to catch bonefish in the Southeast Region because it’s such a hot month, and bonefish aren’t like permit, they don’t like it super hot, so they’ll move into deeper water. The classic sight casting to tailing fish does happen on a daily basis, but it’s usually in the first couple of hours of the day before the sun has gotten on the water and really heated it up.

Catching Snook In The Southwest Region With Capt. Ron Hueston

Capt. Ron HuestonSnook have made a major comeback in the Southwest Region since the big die-off during the winter freeze of January 2012. The snook fishing still isn’t as good as it was back before an estimated 70% of the snook population in my region died, but it’s very good and getting better every year. 

Catching Sharks In The Central East Region With Capt. Jim Ross

August is a great time to target sharks in the Central East Region because the ocean is calm and the baitfish are schooling along the beaches within a mile or two of shore. For the most part, the bait schools will be Atlantic menhaden (pogies), but there may be an early push of mullet along the beach with the fall mullet run. By the end of August, there’s certainly a lot of mullet in the mix. 

Spearfishing In The East Region With Capt. Mike Holliday

Late July and early August are prime time for spearfishing in my region, particularly since it’s the time of the year when the seas are calm and the ocean waters crystal clear. Unlike other types of fishing done with rod and reel or nets, spearfishing is more of a selected harvest in that you choose only the fish you want to shoot or keep. 

Catching Blackfin Tuna In The Keys Region With Capt. Randy Towe

Tunas in July are usually Blackfin Tuna and they’re almost exclusively targeted on the “humps” or atolls that rise up from the bottom in deep water. There are three humps that we fish; the Islamorada Hump, the 409, which is off Duck Key and the top of it is in 409 feet of water; and then the West Hump off Marathon, which is in about 800 feet of water. 


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