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Catching Marlin In The Panhandle Region With Capt. Pat Dineen

Captain Pat DineenJuly is one of the better months to target blue marlin in my region, and the way you do that is to either find a nice rip with a temperature break or run out and fish the oil rigs. Both are very effective ways to target marlin, since both tend to hold the baitfish that marlin are feeding on. 

Exposing Children To Fishing In The Southwest Region With Capt. Ron Hueston

Captain Ron HuestonThe first thing you want to remember when it comes to fishing with kids is that it has to be fun for them, so the more action, the better. They really don’t care what they catch—everything is a good fish to them. You want to make it exciting, while at the same time praising them a lot as they develop their fishing skills.

Catching Bait In The Central West Region With Capt. Geoff Page

Captain Geoff Page

The summer months are prime time for catching bait in my region, as a lot of the larger herring species are out on the beaches and passes while the juvenile (and some larger ones) are on the grass flats. Then there’s pass crabs coming out on the Hill Tides, so there’s a lot of options depending on the species of fish you plan to target. 

Catching Dolphin In The Southeast Region With Capt. Jimbo Thomas

Early June is one of the better times of the year to target dolphin in the Southeast Region. Look for the fish in anywhere from 300 feet of water on out, and if there’s an east or southerast wind there’s a chance they can be in a little closer. The easterly winds push the weeds and other debris and well as all the bait and fish closer to shore from the Gulf Stream. 

Catching Snapper In The Northwest Region With Capt. Jeff Hagaman

May and June are big spawning months for yellowtail and mangrove snapper in my region, and the mangroves spawn through the summer months. They’ll start grouping up on the high relief structures, particularly around the new and full moons. You can mark them on your depth recorder, usually just above the structure, but sometimes to one side of it.

Catching Tarpon In The Keys Region With Capt. Randy Towe

Captain Randy ToweThere probably isn’t a better place to target tarpon in May than the Florida Keys. That’s when the main body of fish are migrating into and through the area before heading up either side of Florida, and of all the great spots to catch them in the Keys, my favorite is around Long Key.


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