Weekly on Fox Sports Sun from April to September.


Catch the Adventure on Fox Sports Sun

      Florida Insider Fishing Report is an Emmy-winning fishing show featuring saltwater fishing legend Capt. Rick Murphy. On air since 2004, the show celebrated its 400th episode in May 2019.

      Hosted by Capt. Rick Murphy, Brie Gabrielle and Dave Ferrell, Florida Insider Fishing Report airs April through September on Thursday, Friday and Saturday to give anglers a jump on the weekend.

Watch and Learn

      Each 90-minute report airs live to tape, frequently before a studio audience, and features the following:

  • Species of the Week—Facts, habits, hideouts on a specific fish
  • Rigs & Techniques—Everything you need to know about bait, tackle and techniques to catch the species of the week
  • Product Showcase—Latest fishing, marine and outdoor products along with why, where and how to use them
  • Regional Fishing Reports—Statewide inshore and offshore hot spots
  • Conservation Awareness—Natural resource/habitat preservation, angler rights and responsibilities

Regional Experts Hit the Hot Spots

      We divide the state into nine regions, handpick the most seasoned captains in each area and invite them to join us remotely each week. Their live fishing reports are the most popular part of our show. Each captain shares photos of recent catches, weather and water conditions, what the fish are eating, where they’re schooling—even how to entice the most stubborn to bite. This lively exchange between hosts and captains is fun and informative.

      Tune in or stream Florida Insider Fishing Report on Fox Sports Sun, Fox Sports GO and YouTube.

“The highlight of every show is the live video whip-around Florida spotlighting regional guides and captains.”
Steve Tello, Senior VP and General Manager, Fox Sports Sun



Fishing Guide, Professional Tournament Angler, Founder & CEO RM Media

      Capt. Rick Murphy knew from the time he was 5 years old that he wanted to spend his life outdoors fishing. A native Floridian, Rick grew up fishing in the waters off Key Biscayne and the Florida Keys, and honed his skills in the diverse habitats and shallow waters of Everglades National Park. Today, he is considered one of the area’s expert guides.

      Along with being a professional tournament angler and the founder and CEO of RM Media, he is the executive producer and host of three of the most popular fishing shows on TV: Sportsman’s Adventures (celebrating 25 years on the air in 2019), Florida Insider Fishing Report and Texas Insider Fishing Report. His shows enable him to fulfill a lifelong dream: to share his love of fishing and the environment with as many people as possible.

      “Life is way too short to not do what you love. I wear many hats in the marine industry: TV host, spokesperson, professional angler and charter captain. Out of all my roles, guiding remains my favorite. It enables me to not only share my experience and passion for fishing, but also deliver the conservation message of angler’s rights and responsibilities first-hand.”      ––Capt. Rick Murphy

Awards and Recognition

      Capt. Rick is the all-time winningest saltwater tournament angler in the U.S. with 139 titles to date, and the only professional redfish angler to win three redfish titles in 12 months. He is also the only angler to win inshore and offshore saltwater championships in every category (bonefish, redfish, sailfish, tarpon, permit).

      He has won the four Keys Tarpon Fly Fishing Tournaments (Ladies Tarpon Fly, Golden Fly, Don Hawley and Gold Cup), and has taken home Angler of the Year Honors from ESPN, FLW and IFA Redfish Tours. He is a South Florida Sailfish Circuit winner and twice was Master Angler Jimmy Johnson National Billfish Championship.

      He is a Legacy Member of Coastal Conservation Association and a champion and contributor to the cause of preserving our oceans and their inhabitants.


“Rick lives to fish. He doesn’t care what the species is as long at it tests his skill and sportsmanship. He is the only person I know in fishing who produces 65 shows in 26 weeks. He is truly living his dream.” ––Dave Ferrell

“Rick has an uncanny ability to connect with his fans––whether they’re 5 years old or 80. People respect his knowledge and are pleasantly surprised by his humility. When he catches a fish, he’s genuinely excited. He’s one in a million.” ––Brie Gabrielle


Former Model, Accomplished Angler

      Brie Gabrielle has been a member of the RM Media team since 2015. She hosts Florida Insider Fishing Report along with Capt. Rick Murphy and Dave Ferrell. She is a former model, film and TV actress, and was Miss Florida USA 2016. She is also a serious and accomplished angler. In her first offshore tournament she took home top Lady Angler and Largest Kingfish awards; she and Team Contender placed third overall in the 2016 Miami Dolphins Fins Weekend tournament. Brie graduated from Pepperdine University with a degree in psychology.

      Brie is a Life Member of Coastal Conservation Association, and even with her hectic schedule, finds time to educate young people on the positive effect they can have on the environment.

“You can teach people how to fish but you can’t teach them how to be in front of a camera. Brie’s a natural, and it’s not because she’s acting. It’s because she’s being herself.” ––Capt. Rick Murphy


Host and Freelance Writer, Photographer

      Dave Ferrell has been a member of the RM Media team since 2004. He hosts Florida Insider Fishing Report along with Capt. Rick Murphy and Brie Gabrielle. During the show, he mans the workbench introducing products while sharing tips and techniques to help viewers get more out of their fishing adventures.

      Dave was the managing editor of Sport Fishing magazine from 1992 to 1999, and the editor of Marlin magazine from 1992 to 2016. He founded the offshore fishing school, Marlin University, in 2001 and was its director for 15 years. Dave is also a freelance outdoor writer and photographer who has fished in some of the most remote places in the world, all in pursuit of interesting and informative stories and spectacular images. He has a Bachelor’s in Communications/Journalism and is a Life Member of Coastal Conservation Association.

“It’s safe to say Dave has probably reviewed more saltwater fishing products in both print and television than any other outdoor communicator. His Rigs & Techniques and Product Showcase segments on our Insider Reports are viewer favorites.” ––Capt. Rick Murphy